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Employee Development a Priority for Go Rentals.

Employee Development a Priority for Go Rentals.

Newport Beach, California – August 2012 Go Rentals, an elite car rental services company specializing in the private jet industry, puts special emphasis on its employee development program offered at its corporate office in Newport Beach.

Each new team member goes through new hire training that includes both a technical portion and a soft skills portion that emphasizes the company’s guest service culture. But the education doesn’t stop there. Training courses throughout each team member’s tenure at Go Rentals include detailed guest service training highlighting conflict resolution and encouraging guest service heroics everyday.

Relationship building is another point of emphasis and also creates personal growth. “We want our team members out there engaging with our partners, guests and friends,” says company CEO, Kaye Gitibin. “That kind of personal happiness and growth is what we strive for.”

Marketing education is the last component of training and gets the team thinking about Go Rentals as their own personal business. It also allows employees to think more in-depth about guests and how to speak to them and reach out to them in a way that’s effective and meaningful. This type of business training includes learning about guests’ businesses including flight terminology and general aviation business, which is a major niche serviced by Go Rentals.

“Empowering our team to make decisions and rewarding them for ideas are at the core of our guest service,” says company President, Kavous Gitibin. “Our team is made up of highly motivated, self-empowered people who have an entrepreneurial spirit, who feel they’re in this to better themselves and to feel good about themselves, and to be successful.”

The expectations are high and the environment can be challenging, but the reward is worth it. “We’re not interested in training like our competition,” says Kavous. “We’re not outputting thousands of managerial trainees. Each person has their own strengths and we want to help grow those and promote them to the position they’re most likely to succeed in.

Go Rentals is hiring in California, Arizona, Colorado and Nevada. For more employment information, please visit

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Go Rentals is an elite car rental service company, with special emphasis on service. The company is also the only one specializing in the private jet industry since 1995. Still a family-owned and operated business, Go Rentals has locations in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada and Texas, and service to over 45 airports and various fine hotels and resorts. Further information about Go Rentals is available online at

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