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Hotel Amarano signs an exclusive agreement with Go Rentals Burbank

Hotel Amarano is a 132-room luxury boutique hotel in the heart of entertainment capital of the world, Burbank California.  This hotel is a few minutes away from major television and film studios such as Disney, Warner Brothers, and Dreamwoks.

Hotel Amarano is one of the several boutique hotels owned by OLS properties.  They also own the Airtel Hotel in Van Nuys where Go Rentals is currently an onsite car rental provider.  OLS has properties in San Francisco,CA; Portland,OR;  Denver,CO; Jackson,WY; Las Vegas,NV; Kauai and Lihue,HI.

It was in July 7, 2011 when Shawna McDaniel joined Go Rentals to manage our office in Van Nuys.  To date, she oversees both VNY and BUR locations.  With her adept partnership-building skills, knowledge in brand loyalty, and expertise in guest services, Shawna has become one of the most respected business professionals in the industry.  Van Nuys airport is her second home.

With a solid relationship at Airtel Hotel VNY, Shawna saw the opportunity to expand her business to other OLS owned hotels.  She reached out to Airtel's General Manager, Chrsitne Dunn, and requested to be introdcued to Tom Whelan, General Manager Hotel Amarano.

On April 11, 2016, Shawna McDaniel acquired her first hotel in Burbank.

It is amazing how creating solid relationships and utilzing our contacts can help us develop our business.

Shawna always has her eyes and ears open for new opportunities.  As Shawna stated, "Hotel Amarano is  less than 5 miles from the Burbank Airport.  I don't see why I would not reach out to them. In order to grow our business in BUR, all l needed was a chance to offer my brand.  The worse thing they can say to me is "NO" but what if they say "YES" and they did!"

Well done, Shawna and Congratulations!

We appreciate your dedication to grow and own your business.  

Wishing you continued success!


Go Rentals Team

"We don't regret the opportunists that we took, even if they didn't work out.  We regret the chances that we didn't take.  NEVER MISS AN OPPORTUNITY"